Our Story

We founded Climable to make climate science and clean energy understandable and actionable for everybody.

Founder Jean Ann Ramey also co-founded  Synapse Energy Economics, one of the nation’s premier energy and environmental consulting firms. Synapse clients include national environmental organizations and government agencies who seek out Synapse for projects as diverse as Clean Air Act compliance, grid modernization ratemaking, and renewable energy analysis. Throughout her years with Synapse, Jean Ann always noticed one big problem. 

Like other energy and environmental experts, Synapse conducts extensive research using the most rigorous and robust methodologies. The resulting technical reports were packed with vital information, but they were often too complex for non-experts to digest. Jean Ann saw the need for broader access to this information, and Climable grew organically from there. We are now a thriving woman-run nonprofit organization that distills the complicated information that is relevant to our most pressing environmental challenges into plain, easy-to-understand language. 

How we work

Climable’s end goals are energy democracy and climate resilience. In other words, we empower people to combat climate change while preparing for its impacts. To achieve this, Climable focuses on four actions:


Develop and disseminate factual, easy-to-understand information to all populations

Empowerment starts with good information. Once equipped with scientifically accurate data and easy-to-understand results, individuals and communities are set up for success when they take initiative and advocate for themselves.


Educate and train future leaders in the field

Climable’s intern program partners with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) by introducing students to opportunities in the energy and environmental sectors. Interns learn how to work with multiple stakeholders, conduct thorough research, and communicate challenging information efficiently. Climable interns then take these skills with them as they build socially responsible careers.


Provide support for environmentally conscious organizations

The abundance of information available about climate change and its consequences can be overwhelming. Layer on top of that the thousands of location-specific policies and regulations and trying to reduce your carbon footprint can look like an impossible task. Climable provides fee-based consulting to nonprofit organizations to help them access clean energy. Climable provides neutral advice, facilitates conversations with technical experts, and acts as information translators. This fee-based consulting is in huge demand. It not only fills a critical need, but also generates important revenue for Climable.


Organize community-based microgrid initiatives

Nothing speaks to Climable’s goals of energy democracy and climate resilience like community-based microgrids. Today’s aging, centralized electric grid struggles to meet current needs. But the necessary large-scale updates are expensive, take years to implement, and can leave behind vulnerable and low-income communities. Climable’s leadership of the unique Resilient Urban Neighborhoods (RUN) program gives these at-risk populations a voice in the development of local microgrid projects by connecting them with trained facilitators and the technical expertise they need to take action.

Climable.org funders include the Blue Moon Fund, the European Climate Foundation, and the Litterman Family Foundation.



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