Regulatory Bodies

Even if you’re a pro at energy systems and how they’re regulated, the hierarchy can get very confusing! We put together this handy org chart to show who controls what at a very basic level.

FERC Chart.png


FERC is led by a commission of 4 members (can be as many as 5 members) that are appointed by the US President after the Senate consents to the appointment. The term length for each commissioner is 5 years. The current Chairman is Neil Chatterjee.

ISO-NE is led by a board of 10 members and has 12 corporate officers. Board members are elected through a nominating process involving representatives from the ISO-NE Board, NEPOOL, and the New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners. The current Board Chair is Philip Shapiro and the current CEO and President is Gordon Van Welie.

NEPOOL consists of 501 representatives from 6 sectors in the 6 New England States (Generation, Transmission, Supplier, Publicly Owned Entity, Alternative Resources, End Use) as well as a board of 18 officers. The Chair is Nancy P. Chafetz.

Last Updated: Feb 2019